Marble Tiles Experience an extraordinary glitter in your home

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Published: 19th May 2011
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Marble tiles belong to the family of marble mosaic tiles which has been in use for several thousands of years now. Mosaic tiles can be made with sandstone, onyx, pebbles, and marbles. We will talk about the mosaic tiles made with marbles in this article.

If you are interested in creating interesting and attention-grabbing designs in your building, you should go for marble tiles then because that is what you can use to get such a feedback from family and friends. Traditionally, marble tiles have been made from stones and glasses and that is combined to produce such a great effect on the products.

Marble tiles can be utilized primarily in two ways, either as wall tiles or floor tiles for buildings, like most tiles available today. But you can get mosaic tiles made with marble for use also in pool decks, splash-backs, wet rooms and it can be very helpful in the making of designs in landscapes.

When you are thinking of colors, marble tiles can be gotten in classical colors like onyx, black, beige, and red. You can get your own mosaic tiles made with marble according to your specifications but let us briefly take a look at a few of the standard ones available.

Beige Brickbone Marble Mosaic Tiles

Beige Tumbled Marble 30mm by 30mm Mosaic Tiles

Beige Tumbled Marble 50mm by 50mm wall Tiles

Grey Tumbled Interlocking Marble Mosaic wall Tiles

Grey Tumbled Marble Brickbone Mosaic Tiles

Onyx marble Mosaic 30mm by 30mmwall floor tiles

The home decorators say, mosaic tiles versatile uses, if one uses some creativity then by using these tiles an excellent home can be build. But, using expensive marble tiles is not just enough for a great looking home, you should keep them clean on a regular basis in order to enjoy their glittering effect. Always remember, never use any hard chemical or acid on these materials, as they can harm these tiles severely.


santa closen Another best use of natural stone like tiles they are resistible and can prevent your floors and room walls from stain and scratches. Natural stones got several features where prevention from stain and easy to clean. You can clean marbles and tiles regularly and make your living more neat and clean Marble tiles.

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